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Terms and Conditions.

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    Any information or analysis included on the Web page has been drawn up solely for information purposes and FIDENTIIS EQUITIES is under no obligation to update said information or analysis. It is therefore possible that said information or analysis fails to reflect events that have taken place after the publication date.

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    Whoever accesses or uses the Web Site shall be held solely liable for the access to the Web Site or any improper use of the information set out on the Web Site. FIDENTIIS EQUITIES shall not be held liable for any consequence, damage or loss that may result from such access or use. FIDENTIIS EQUITIES shall not be held liable for any security errors that may arise or for any damage that may be caused to the user's computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored therein, as a result of:

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    FIDENTIIS EQUITIES shall not be held liable in any way for the content of links in the Web Site, whenever such content is outside the Web Site, nor does it guarantee that there are no viruses or other elements thereon that may alter the computer system (hardware and software), in the user's documents and files, excluding any liability for any damage of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

    Should any user, customer or third party consider that the content of the services provided by the linked pages are illegal or damage assets or rights of the user himself, a customer or a third party, that can be indemnified, they should send a notification form to the address and, in particular, whenever they consist of:

  • Activities or content that are likely to be deemed illegal under Spanish criminal law.
  • Activities or content that breach intellectual or industrial property rights.
  • Activities or content that cause a breach of the peace, criminal investigation, public safety or national defence.
  • Activities or content that endanger public health, do not respect public dignity and the principle of non-discrimination, the protection of health and children.


    Exchanging or disclosing information.

    FIDENTIIS EQUITIES shall not be held liable for any exchange between Users of information obtained through its Web page.

    Third-party information.

    Part of the content of the Web page is information provided by REUTERS. FIDENTIIS EQUITIES does not ensure or guarantee that this content or the information or the results obtained by using this information are accurate, up-to-date, suitable, complete or available.

    Data Protection.

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    Accordingly FIDENTIIS EQUITIES shall treat the data in accordance with the principles of quality laid down by the Data Protection Act, Law 15/1999, dated 13 December, confidentially and using the security measures required by the Regulations developing the Data Protectin Act enacted by Royal Decree 1720/2007, dated 21 December.

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    By simply sending in their personal data to FIDENTIIS EQUITIES, Users shall be giving their consent for said data to be included in the file and processed.

    Users may revoke the consent given, albeit not retroactively, and use the rights to access, rectify, cancel and object, by sending a letter to the following mail address: Calle Velázquez 140, 2º Dcha., 28006 MADRID, or to the e-mail address:

    Users guarantee that the personal particulars provided to FIDENTIIS EQUITIES are true and shall take responsibility for giving notice of any change to said data so that they be up to date at all times.

    FIDENTIIS EQUITIES does not use cookies, these being deemed to be the physical files of personal information located in the user's own terminal, used for gathering information regarding the user's preferences. However, it reserves the right to change its criterion regarding the use of cookies. Users are able to configure their browser so as to prevent such files from being created.

    Intellectual and Industrial Property.

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    Therefore, they may not be reproduced, distributed, publicly disclosed or transformed, except for personal, private use. Likewise all the trade names, trademarks and distinguishing signs of any kind set out on the FIDENTIIS EQUITIES Web page are protected by Law.

    Any third-party link to the Web must be made to its home page. "Deep links" and "framing" are specifically prohibited, as is any other use of the content of the Web Site, for unauthorised third parties.

    Any unauthorised use or resale of the information content of the Web Site, or any damage to the intellectual property rights of FIDENTIIS EQUITIES, shall give rise to the liabilities laid down by law.

    FIDENTIIS EQUITIES acknowledges, as regards any third-party quotations or products or services the appropriate intellectual and industrial property rights. The mere fact that they are mentioned or appear on the Web page does not imply that FIDENTIIS EQUITIES has any right or liability whatsoever with regard thereto.

    The above notwithstanding, FIDENTIIS EQUITIES reserve all the rights to copyright, registered trademarks, patents, intellectual property and other property rights with regard to the content and design of the Web page.

    Fidentiis Equities S.V.S.A. provides independent advice, is regulated and supervised by the Spanish Exchange Regulator Authority "Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (C.N.M.V.)" with Registration number 205.

    With respect to this any publication prepared by FIDENTIIS EQUITIES on investment recommendations, please refer for relevant information and disclosure to

    FIDENTIIS EQUITIES S.V., S.A. and the User specifically waive any right they may have to any other jurisdiction and submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain), to settle any dispute that may arise with regard to the access to or use of the Web page:


    European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, (MIFID), and Spanish COMISIÓN NACIONAL DEL MERCADO DE VALORES (CNMV) local regulation, require companies acting in the financial services sector, to document and implement the handling of potential conflicts of interest which may arise in the normal exercise of their activities.

    We, as a registered Spanish Investment Company, have developed and implemented a set of measures to:


  • Identify the possibilities of having conflicts of interest,
  • Try to avoid them,
  • And, if necessary, solve them.


    Fidentiis provides research, institutional sales and securities trading services related to the Spanish, Portuguese and Italian Stock Markets. Fidentiis also provides securities trading in the German, French, Belgium, Swiss and Dutch markets.

    Therefore, the main possibilities of incurring a conflict of interest are identified as follows:

    a) Financial Analysis.

    We have taken a set of measures for the disclosure of possible conflicts of interest when preparing our reports.

  • An internal commission is responsible for reviewing and guaranteeing the independence of our opinions. An independent Board Member makes part of the commission.
  • When we have received any incentive or benefit from the analysed company during the past twelve months, it is stated in the report. The disclosure is clearly shown in the disclaimer of each report.
  • There is a "Restricted list" of equities, where employees are not permitted to trade in. This list is made up of stocks that we are preparing to publish research on and/or the equities included in our daily recommendations.
  • Compliance Department manages the "Restricted list". It is permanently updated and distributed to the staff and members of the Board of Directors.

    b)Proprietary trading

    Compliance Department has to approve any order for our Proprietary book after checking that the stock is not "Restricted". The Head of Trading has to check that there are no outstanding orders from clients for the same stock, before accepting Proprietary orders to assure no conflict, except when it is to the benefit of the client.

    c) Board members and other employees trading securities on their own interest.

    When their own investment decisions are taken, staff must inform to the Compliance Department, within a day, of any operations done on their behalf in the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Belgium, Dutch, Swiss and German Stock Exchanges.

    It is required that these positions are maintained for a minimum of three days before they can be undone.

    d) Asset Management Company in the same Financial Group.

    There is an Asset Management Company that is part of the same Financial Group as us. Orders received from that Company receive the same treatment, and are subject to the same Policy as the ones received from the rest of our clients.

    e) Trading and Execution issues.

    For avoiding Conflicts of interest regarding the execution of our clients' orders, we have in place our "Best Execution Policy" which also follows MIFID and CNMV legal regulation.

    In intermediary trades, Fidentiis Equities will be able to act as intermediary for the clients at the same time on both sides, buyer and seller, charging to all clients taking part, the usual trading commissions for brokerage in stock exchanges. In these cases, if the commission to be received from one of the parties in the trade or any of the terms of the relationship exceeds what is usually done in the market, the counterparty in that trade will be informed specifically and previously by Fidentiis Equities.

    Procedures to comply with legal and internal regulations and procedures, including how to manage and solve the Conflicts of Interests, are widely and accurately explained in our internal Operation Manual Handbook. Compliance Department is responsible for controlling and monitoring these issues and for keeping a register of them in case they arise.